Submit new artefact

This page allows you to create a file that describes a corrosion form that you have observed on an artefact that you are examining.

For this you need to enter the following information:

  • the metadata related to the artefact
  • the stratigraphy of the corrosion form observed (created with the search tool “By stratigraphy representation”

You have the possibility to keep this file as a working document and to continue completing it (alone or through a collaborative work with other MiCorr contributors). Once complete you have several options:

  • you keep it under your profile without sharing it
  • you share it with the MiCorr community (recommended)

For the second option, your file will be reviewed by the MiCorr scientific committee.

If accepted it will be made available to the MiCorr community (from the search tools).


29 September 2016

Launching of the MiCorr application

the MiCorr application will be presented to the conservation community during Metal 2016 in New Delhi.