Bimetallic Cauldron - Tin Bronze - Switzerland

Audrey. Regnault (HE Arc, Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland) & Christian. Degrigny (HE-Arc CR, Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

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Burial condition : bottom of a 2,18 meter deep pit on the limestone. It's probably been an open pit with different periods of filling, one of the layer above the cauldron is composed of fire rejection. 

The cauldron may have been used for rituals and votive offering. 

The schematic representation below gives an overview of the corrosion layers encountered on the object from a first visual macroscopic observation

Fig. 6 : Stratigraphic representation of the sample taken from the cauldron in cross-section using the MiCorr application. The characteristics of the strata are only accessible by clicking on the drawing that redirects you to the search tool by stratigraphy representation. This representation shows the interior face ( red rectangle), Credit : MiCorr_HE-Arc CR, A.Regnault



The remaining metal is a tin bronze showing no inclusion. The structure hasn't been studied but can be extrapolate from the analysis of a similar object found on the same site (the results of the analysis can be found in the file "Situla - Tin bronze - Iron age - Swizsterland" link : The objct might have been formed with a cold work without a final annealing. 


Element Cu (copper) Sn (Tin)
Mass % 90 %  10 % 

Table 1: Chemical composition of the metal. SEM-EDS, Lab of Electronic Microscopy and Microanalysis, IMA (Neode), HEI Arc

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Nothing to report.

Complementary information

Nothing to report. 

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