bracelet draft - Bronze - Iron Age - Switzerland

Complementary information

This wristband draft is part of a group of four wristband drafts that were found in a bronze workshop. They are documented and analyzed together.

The schematic representation below gives an overview of the corrosion layers encountered on the object from a first visual macroscopic observation.

Metallography (etched with Oberhoffer reagent), SEM-EDS, Raman spectroscopy

The metal has a granular structure with several twinned crystals, revealing that the object underwent an annealing procedure. On both the thinner extremities of the sample it is possible to observe the deformation of the grains caused by cold mechanical working of the metal after the annealing. An intergranular corrosion is observed. The alloy is a low-tin bronze, with 91-92% Cu and 7-8% Sn. Small inclusions of a different Pb-rich phase are observed.