Workshop/meeting at Service Archéologique de l'Etat de Fribourg (SAEF)


Credit N. Gutknecht

In addition to the four bracelets from Bussy/Pré de Fond site available online, two new artefacts sheets should be entered in the MiCorr database. First, a copper alloy coin by one of the staff members as a practical exercise and secondly an exceptional object, a gilded Merovingian fibula made of copper alloy. It has already been documented and published by Marie-Jeanne Scholl in the SAEF annual report (2021). Marie-Jeanne Scholl used the Bertholon method to document the object and locate the limit of the original surface. The appropriate use of this method allows the treatment to be justified and the cleaning to be controlled. This object is entered by the conservator into MiCorr with the information already collected and published. The MetalPAT team will then complete the form with analyses. The object cannot be sampled to observe the metallographic structure. A stratigraphy in cross-section mode is therefore not possible.